It has been a very, very long time.

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It has been a very, very long time.

Postby Shukiikuhs » Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:14 am

Hi old friends,

I was perusing my history in life and remembered you all, and the significant impact each one of you had on my life.

I figured I would post here and see if anyone still watches these forums, perhaps we could all catch up somehow.

I don't really know of any way to contact any of you besides here, so I figure I'd give it a try.

Hah, as I look at my posts here, I realize that I was really a cock. I pushed you guys away and joined crappy end-game linkshells, separating myself from the FF family that always accepted me.

But, I suppose that is life. These days, at age 24, I live in Atlanta, GA. I am married, with a baby boy, Kaiser, expected to come Aug. 13th of this year. I work in the technology field, as the co-founder of an IT Consulting firm. I do some work with small and medium businesses, as well as small enterprise companies. Essentially assisting them with integration problems and helping them with setting up resilient data-backups. It is fun.

Anyway, if anyone ever sees this, feel free to reach out to me. I'd love to catch up.
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